A Wee Bio of our Larger Than Life Owner - Flagler Tavern
  414 Flagler Avenue New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
  (386) 402-8861

A Wee Bio of our Larger Than Life Owner

Flagler Tavern Owner, Theo Mundell

The most important part of running a successful business (especially on Flagler Avenue) is your connection with your customers. No one knows this better than our owners Theo, Sherman and Mike, here at Flagler Tavern.

Every day of the week you can spot at least one, and often all three of our owners, on-site, chatting with customers, meeting with managers, staff and vendors, and examining the premise with an expert eye to making sure the Flagler Tavern maintains a level of maintenance, cleanliness and ambiance that is up to their expectations. It’s their hands-on approach and attention to detail that has allowed the Flagler Tavern to grow and thrive under their stewardship without losing is small town charm.

Which is why we were thrilled that the Flagler Avenue Business Association selected owner Theo Mundell to be among the handful of Flagler Avenue business owners to represent the Avenue for the launch of it’s new “Meet Me on Flagler Ave” campaign.

Take a peek at the great video they shot of Theo recently.

Although it’s often heard…”I know Theo”, you might learn a thing or two about our charismatic owner who is larger than life in the “wee bio” that accompanies the video at https://flaglerave.com/merchants/theo-mundell/.

The next time you are on Flagler Avenue, stop by Flagler Tavern, make sure to give a wave to Theo and perhaps join him in a “wee” Baby Guinness!