SHRIMP, "THE FRUIT OF THE SEA" - Flagler Tavern %
  414 Flagler Avenue New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
  (386) 402-8861


In 1994 the Nation fell in love with Forest Gump.  Following the story of his fabled life, by the end we all wanted a friend like Forest.  As we began preparing for Shrimp Fest for the month of August at every turn my head was spinning with grinning faces reciting their favorite quote from the movie Forest Gump.  From the kitchen to the bar, everyone immediately launched into one of the most well remembered scenes.  So here you go friends…in celebrations of everyone’s favorite fruit…SHRIMP, “…the fruit of the sea”.

All month long we will be celebrating these tiny morsels of goodness with a new shrimp special each day in addition to our great shrimp dishes we serve all year long.  Come on down and grab yourself some shrimp.  I mean really, who doesn’t just love shrimp!

Don’t miss out on Shrimp Fest at Flagler Tavern, August 1 through August 31 or you just might hear Forest in your head whispering “stupid is as stupid does.”