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Dinner with Pappy is Back!

Father’s Day is coming upon us quickly. Yep, it’s Sunday, June 19th. And isn’t time to take a moment to share something special with your Dad?

Dads come in all shapes and sizes. Some made you, some chose you. But whoever you call Dad, I know one thing for sure, that special moniker is earned through, blood, sweat, tears, laughter and love. That special person who may have taught you how to ride a bike, catch a fish, or how to drive a stick shift. Are you smiling yet? If you are, you know what I mean about that special person.

Our team at the Tavern put our creative heads together to create a special dinner in honor of your “Dad”. Our Dinner with Pappy is back and we have a few special treats for both you and your Dad.

Unlike previous years, we have opened up the entire Bounty floor for this dinner. No group seating, just a table for you and your Dad and/or your dining group. Space will be limited based on number of tables and guests. Purchase Tickets Here Father’s Day 2022 Dinner with Pappy – Flagler Tavern

So, what’s all the hype on the rare bourbons?
I’m sure you have all noticed strange supply chain shortages over the past years. Ones we might never have expected. Heck I still have trouble week to week finding my cat’s favorite food at the grocery store. The Spirits industry hasn’t been immune to these shortages. Those of you who follow and covet rare bourbons, know that what used to be rare but findable is now almost impossible to find. Bourbons on allocation, just don’t get delivered, often times because they just don’t exist. Or, they are priced in the thousands of dollars when they used to be in the hundreds (or less).

We broke into our secret stash of crazy good stuff!
Just because we know that we all need a little luxury right now, a little something extra, after a few rough years, we’ve broken into our secret stash of crazy good stuff. The rare and one-off spirits we have been lucky enough to come across over the years and hold on to. We are opening a few special bottles just for Dad! And of course, we will be popp’n a bottle of “Pappy” for your Pappy as well. We have an aged bottle of Old Rip Van Winkle that we have been saving for a special occasion. What better occasion than Father’s Day.

So, grab your loved ones and join us this Father’s Day in the Bounty for a treat as rare and special and your Dad.

Not a bourbon fan, but everyone else in your party is? We’ve added a “Dinner Only” ticket without the bourbon pairing for those of you who prefer a different libation. Dinner Only tickets are $100 per person, plus tax and gratuity. Available now in our online store.

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