Father's Day Dinner & Whiskey Sampling - Flagler Tavern
  414 Flagler Avenue New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
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Father’s Day Dinner & Whiskey Sampling

Remember that first time you had a truly good whiskey? A whiskey that turned on the light bulb in your head and your taste buds. A whiskey that made you think….”now I get what all the fuss is about!”

And then remember being disappointed in just about every other whiskey you tried after that because it just didn’t measure up, or came with a price tag that meant you wouldn’t be trying that again soon?

Do me a favor. Close your eyes. Take a trip back to that first sip of whiskey that made you a true believer. The time, the place, the people around you, all those intangibles go into what makes one whiskey sing to you, and another one not (and of course years of hard work and excellent craftsmanship from the distiller). Take that trip and remember that moment. Perhaps, that first sip was with your Dad, at a pub, a speakeasy, maybe out camping under the stars, on your graduation day, wedding day, birth of your first child or maybe raising a glass to a loved one recently departed.

Imagine discovering that feeling all over again. That’s how I felt when I recently attended a Westward Whiskey tasting at Flagler Tavern with General Manager Kristin Chmieleski. Immediately familiar, yet fresh and entirely new, these Westward Whiskeys blew me away. We took one look at each other and said “FATHER’S DAY!” We knew we had to bring you this “magic in a glass” to share with your Dad.

Kristin and our culinary team set about to create an extra special meal this year, worthy of both your Dad and these Gold and Double Gold Medal winning whiskeys and I think they have accomplished just that.

We hope you will join us this year for this special Chef’s Dinner and whiskey sampling. Doors open at 5pm and our Westward Whiskey expert will be on hand from 5:30pm to 6:30pm to sample all 4 featured Westward Whiskeys, Single Malt, Pinot Noir Cask, Stout Cask (my favorite) and Cask Strength with a 5 course dinner immediately following. And we have a special bonus gift for every ticket holder, a Westward Whiskey gift bag. To learn more about Westward Whiskey visit Our Story – Westward Whiskey

Dinner is limited to 50 seats and we expect it will sell out quickly, so purchase your tickets before they are gone PURCHASE TICKETS

Go ahead splurge a little. Ohh ya, and open your eyes!
Food for Thought,