NSB Meets Jersey Shore - Flagler Tavern
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NSB Meets Jersey Shore

Seaside Disco Fries…WHAAAAT?  That’s right you heard it. Our culinary team in their infinite creativity are delivering up a delicious new dish that is sure to become your new favorite (I know it’s mine)!

What happens when Disco Fries meet the New Smyrna seaside?  Well Flagler Tavern’s Chowdha Fries of course!

Flagler Tavern’s Chowdha Fries

Wait a minute here, you don’t know what Disco Fries are? Ok let’s start there.  If you are from the Northeast you know what I

New Jersey Disco Fries

mean.  These crispy French fries with salty gravy, and loads of gooey cheese are
the ingredients that make Disco Fries the holiest of late night foods along the Jersey Shore.  Canadians have their own version, just as good called Poutine (mad with curd cheese).

How is it that growing up on the West Coast we managed to miss these tasty treats. Oh, yes, I forgot Tempeh with coconut oil and tofu cheese tastes like… (rhymes with lass).

Fast forward to a planning session for

Candadian Poutine

Flagler Tavern’s new Tailgate Menu (available all day Saturday and Sunday and during football games Monday and Thursday nights) and out of the kitchen comes….Chowdha Fries.  My first response is why do you have to ruin perfectly good Disco Fries with clam chowder? Really?  Can we just serve Poutine? Then I tried them.

I’ll admit when I’m wrong, and boy was I ever!  Chowdha Fries, which I like to call Disco Fries meet the ocean, are nothing short of genius and dare I say, take Disco Fries to the next level, the yummy level.  We take our beer battered French fries and top them with our homemade clam chowder, cheddar jack cheese, bacon, Sriracha and green onions.  Lets not forget 4 steamed little neck clams. BAM!

Flagler Tavern’s New Game Day Tailgate Menu

Right now our Chowdha Fries are only available on Tailgate days (all day Saturday and Sundays and during games on Mondays and Thursdays) but I’m lobbying hard to make them an every day delight.  But that of course all depends on you.  So get yourself down to Flagler Tavern and try your new favorite and soon-to-be-famous guilty pleasure.  You won’t be sorry.

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