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POP Fusion Drinks Make a Big Splash at Flagler Tavern!

Just in time for our balmy Florida Winter (yes there is a note of sarcasm here) we have introduced POP Fusion Wine Pop Cocktails at Flagler Tavern. That’s right these yummy gourmet wine pops are created using locally sourced fruit and Florida’s own Island Grove Wine Company’s Wines and produces in Inverness, FL.

They can be enjoyed on their own or added to one of our many blended drinks. Why not elevate your Sangria with one of these tasty treats? Perfect for yes…OUR 80 DEGREE WINTER DAYS. Best of all, these yummy pops are gluten, nut and soy free!

Run like you are chasing an ice cream truck with a dime to Flagler Tavern and try one of these tasty treats today!

Food for Thought

A little backstory on Pop Fusions

Once upon a time two girls were on a quest to do something fun for the summer. They went and bought a 1966 vintage airstream vending trailer, shined it up, signed it up and were in the ice pops business within 30 days of the purchase.

The thought of crafting unique flavors that brought back nostalgia and whimsy appealed to us. As the summer season came to a close and we had some time to think about the future of Pop Fusions and the flavor possibilities that seemed endless. That’s when the thought of marrying an adult beverage with a fresh fruit pop seemed sensible and amazing. After researching the market and finding the gap we teamed up with a winery that has so many of our values. Through a mutual farmer friend, we met with Island Grove Wine Company and started this journey.

We have co-branded with Island Grove Wine Company for the Wine Pops—highlighting their award winning wines. We worked hand-in hand with their winemaker to develop fantastic pops that successfully represented the wine within the each selection.