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The Sound of Silence

In the early morning hours of August 5th, word began to travel throughout our community via private text messages and oblique social media posts. Local band The Click’s front man Chuck Morel and his partner Melanie Smith were in a devastating accident. And there was a deafening silence as we all held our breath waiting to hear the news of their injuries and what had happened.

As word began to break we learned that their car was T-boned by (a presumably drunk driver) drag racing along Nova Road. The impact was so great it rolled their car and they were rushed to hospital. Throughout the day as we started getting updates we slowly started to exhale as we learned they were, first ALIVE and then slowly finding out they are expected to make a full recovery, over time. Still, it was hard to take a full breath, one of our own is in trouble. One of our own almost…

In Chuck’s own words posted on social media this week. “We should be dead. It’s a miracle… I couldn’t live without my Melanie… thank god we’re going to make a full recovery we hope. Thank you everyone for the kind words and support I can not describe the love and support we feel…. Too many injuries to list, mainly most of my ribs are broken, collapsed lung, broken collarbone, skull fracture behind left ear. Lots of blood and hearing loss… abrasions, sprains and bruises from being in a rolling car….Melanie has broken pelvis and torn bladder, she had to go to surgery, she’s in more pain than I am. We love you all. There’s a long, hard road ahead of us… but I’m optimistic. We ❤️ you guys…”

As a self employed full time musician, all of us can only imagine the long haul ahead for Chuck (and Melanie), not only physically but financially on the heels of COVID shut downs where gigs for musicians were few and far between to now months of recovery.

This is where we come in; you and I and our entire community. When Casey, owner of Casey’s Bar and local music enthusiast and supporter contacted us to see what we could do in the way of a fundraiser, we said COUNT US IN! Together with the help of Sean Impara from Static Live we will be hosting a fundraiser at Flagler Tavern on Sunday, August 22, 2021 from 1pm to 5pm in the main stage area, with a special thank you performance immediately following by The Click, featuring special guest Robin. 50/50 Raffle tickets go on sale today at Casey’s plus he will be knocking on doors throughout our community getting items for the auction. This will be a combination of live and silent auction, including a new twist, auctioning off musicians for live gigs. How cool is that? None other than Tavern’s own favorite Mistress of Ceremonies, Debbie Morton will be at the mic.

We hope you will all join us to show support and love for both Chuck and Melanie and help us raise money to assist with the costs of the long healing road ahead so they can focus on just that, healing!

100% of your donations and funds raised will go directly to Chuck and Melanie!!!!