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Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

The day before Thanksgiving? What’s the big deal? Well those of us in the hospitality industry know its one of the biggest party nights of the year. When friends and family come into town and want to go out, knowing tomorrow is the main event, football and turkey.

Some people call it Friendsgiving, some call it Drinksgiving and some yet, call it Blackout Wednesday. Well no matter what you call it, we’ve go some tips for surviving your night out on the town.

  1. HYDRATE! Ok we know you are a professional and you don’t need this tip, but you really do. It’s not going to kill you to stay hydrated. Try drinking a tall cool one (glass of water) in between every drink.
  2. NOSH! You know, eat something before you go out drinking, dancing and making the rounds. We all know those people who “can’t eat anything” if they are going out. Please, do your stomach lining and favor and eat something. Bagels, pretzels, anything, if you can’t manage dinner.
  3. BE KIND TO YOUR BARTENDER/SERVERS! It’s been a long year for everyone. We know you want to blow off steam and we know you want to party like its 1999. Well its 2021 and your serving staff is exhausted. They are excited to see you; looking forward to serving you. But make no mistake, we are all exhausted. Each hotel, restaurant, and pub has faced its own challenges, from staffing to supply chain issues. Not all of our friends have survived. Many businesses have closed, service industry workers left the industry during the shut down. It’s really been like that and we are really still recovering. So when you’ve had a drink or 5 and can’t understand why your server isn’t used to the same breakneck pace they used to be, or it hunting around for that last can of mango-pineapple-cranberry spiked seltzer….just count to 3. Yep, count to 3 and swallow whatever funny joke you were going to make at your bartender’s expense and just say thank you.
  4. TIPS ARE WARMLY WELCOME! When you receive great service tip accordingly. Your servers and bartenders will appreciate the kindness more than you know.
  5. HYDRATE! Yep, we’ve come full circle. Force yourself to drink a full glass of water before you go to bed. Thank me in the morning!

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