Bounty's Ice Program - Flagler Tavern
  414 Flagler Avenue New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
  (386) 402-8861

Bounty’s Ice Program

Ice Ice Baby.

Making clear ice spheres is truly a labor of love. And we do it all by hand here at the Bounty. And we do it for the love of cocktails and premium spirits of course!

The benefit of making clear ice sphere is not only because its absolutely stunning in your glass; it keeps your beverage chilled without over dilution. You can leisurely sip with bliss at your own pace.

How do we do it? We make our own block of ice with filtered water. We carve the block down into square pieces, using a serrated knife and hammer. After all that jazz, we use our the whiskey ice company’s spherical ice maker to press the blocks into prefect spheres. It takes a little muscle but we can handle that.

Check out the photos below to see one of our spheres get made.

Stay cool my friends,

XOXO Cocktails with Katie