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Bounty’s Tapas are a real Mouth Pleaser

Introducing Bounty’s new Tapas Menu brought to you by our Executive Chef Chris Lay & Team!

Do you love good food? Do you live to wine & dine? Like living your best life? Well if you said yes to any of those questions, you should totally be as excited as I am about Bounty Bar’s new amazing Tapas menu!

With fourteen new mouth watering Tapas style dishes you’ll be licking the plate and sending love letters to Chef Chris Lay for creating you something so delicious. Simply for clarification purposes, Tapas is a style of dining originating from Spain. The whole point is to both drink and eat at the same time. Double the pleasure sort of thing. There is no such thing as a tapas restaurant in Spain. There are only Tapas Bars. Its all about enjoying yourself in good company. Since we have the best cocktail program in town, we now have the best tapas menu to go along with it.

  Featured below is one of my favorites: Horseradish Deviled Eggs topped with Seasonal Fried Oysters over a bed of Chef’s Tomato Bacon Jam. This dish is savory, perfectly seasoned and enhanced by the bright smokey acidity from chef’s tomato bacon jam. So delicious with a Bloody Mary!

Featured here are the Gambas a ajillo which translates to garlic shrimp in Spanish. This classic tapas dish is packed with fresh rich flavor. Eight shrimp are sautéed in luscious garlic chili oil. Topped with fresh cilantro for brightness. Toasted crostini serves on side side to sop up all that yummy garlic-chili goodness. Get yourself a Scorpion Madre cocktail to go alongside, made with tequila, mezcal,housemade vanilla jalapeño syrup, lime and pineapple juices.

Featured Here is the Potato Bravo. Roasted Red potatoes are flash fried then tossed in a caper-tomato-romesco (red pepper) sauce. Aged parmesan is shaved over top along with finely chopped basil. Savory and Satisfying. Bravo for Potato Bravo! Enjoy a classic Negroni cocktail made with Monkey 47 gin with this dish for the encore you’ve been looking for. 

There are so many more tapas dishes to talk about! I’ll have more exciting tapas dishes for you to read about in next week’s blog post. Also it will give me an excuse to order more and more tapas to get those enticing culinary glam shots. Life is good here at the Bounty Bar. Come on in so you can get a taste for yourself.


Drink Well, Eat Well and Stay Happy.

xoxo CocktailswithKatie