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Charcuterie Board: The Adult Lunchable

 A Bounty Bar Charcuterie Board is simply good for the Soul.

As you all know by now, I am absolutely obsessed with the new Tapas menu here at the Bounty.  From Brown Sugar Sous Vide Pork Belly with creamy parsnip puree to Char Grilled Lamb lollipops with BBQ carrot butter, We’ve been eating more than good in NSB’s neighborhood.  With all the awesome options on this new Tapas menu there is still one stand out dish for me. Or should I say board? The Charcuterie Board that is! Described most eloquently as the “adult lunchable” by one of my fellow Bounty crew members.

Charcuterie (pronounced “shar/kew/tree”) is a french word representative of a smoked, cooked or cured meat. The process of creating charcuterie was originally intended as a way to preserve meat before the creation of refrigeration. Complex and rich flavor are a result of the preservation process; which is why charcuterie is so wonderfully delicious.

A Charcuterie Board stands as one of man’s greatest culinary achievements. It is a delightful assortment of prepared meats served alongside cheese, fruits, jams, pickled vegetables and bread .  All the fun is in the flavor combinations you can put together.  American Honey with sharp cheese, juicy fruit with spicy cured sausage or jam smeared over toasted crostini. Oh my!

Bounty’s Charcuterie Board is assembled based on what Chef is feeling. He adds each ingredient to the board like an artist adds paint to his canvas.  The man is expressing himself, quite literally, through meat and cheese. His board combinations will never disappoint. Come in this week and order a Charcuterie Board so you can experience the tasty adventure for yourself.

Photographed below: To the left, is a tasty bite of semi-soft Truffle Cheese crumbled over a smear of fig jam on charred grilled baguette. On the right, a slam dunk of midnight moon sharp cheese dripping in sweet honey.

Make sure to ask one of your friends here at Bounty Bar about drink pairings!

Drink Well, Eat Well and Stay Happy.

xoxo CocktailswithKatie