Landlocked & in Love with Bounty's New Menus - Flagler Tavern
  414 Flagler Avenue New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
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Landlocked & in Love with Bounty’s New Menus

 Our little speakeasy upstairs at Flagler Tavern is looking sexier then ever with our new beverage and dinner menus. The Bounty’s logo etched in a bold black font trimmed in gold over a attractive grey wood grain style cover. Even the pages inside feel smooth to the touch. Sexy, sexy. But as we all know, looks aren’t everything, it is what is inside that counts. So pick up a our Bounty Bible (aka drink menu) to look inside to see what really matters. Then be sure to run your finger down the first page of my favorite section for the Craft Cocktails.  I’m often asked what my favorite drink off the list is. Honestly, I love each one equally so I give the same response every-time I’m asked, it depends on my mood. I drink based on the vibe I’m feeling. This wicked hot Summer vibe has got me feeling like floral and refreshing is the way to thirst quenching satisfaction.  I think your tastebuds would probably vibe with this one off our list too… My summer time pick of the week:The Landlocked Lavender Drop.

This Bounty Original Cocktail, The Landlocked Lavender Drop, is made up of Russian Standard Gold Vodka, Lavender Honey Syrup and Lemon Juice. Shaken hard with all those pretty little ice crystals floating atop. Served in chilled martini glass lined with honey and lavender sugar. We make the lavender honey syrup and lavender sugar in house from dried lavender petals from the local health food store. Fresh to death is the motto to live by. The base spirt of choice, Russian Standard Gold vodka, is inspired by a ancient Siberian vodka recipe. Offering hints of ginseng and spiced notes accompanied by a full round mouth feel. Packaged in beautiful embossed bottle that catches the eye and makes the tongue salivate. All those delicious ingredients come together to make a little love in liquid form. Come up to The Bounty to check out our new menus and sip on something suited for your own personal vibe as you live your best life.

xoxoxo CocktailWithKatie