The Power of Loyalty is Real Bounty Lovers - Flagler Tavern
  414 Flagler Avenue New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
  (386) 402-8861

The Power of Loyalty is Real Bounty Lovers

Flagler Tavern’s Bounty Bar is loved by so many and that feeling is totally mutual. So much so that the best tavern and bar ever has created a Loyalty Program to give back to all our beloved patrons! Bounty Lovers rejoice because now your earning discounts every time you sip on a Smoked Maple Old Fashioned and take a bite of your favorite Tapa’s dish.

Once registered for our new loyalty program you can build points for every dollar you spend on yummy beverages, delicious food and custom merchandise. Have you felt how soft our hoodies and t-shirts are? Just saying, you should probably cop a feel ASAP.

So what is the benefit of all these awesome points you’re earning? Once you’ve accrued 150 points you get $10 off your next visit! Thats money for your money honey! Cha-ching $$$

So to all my Bounty Friends, the Cherry on-top of this customer appreciation sundae is that registered members get 20% off all alcoholic beverages between 3pm-7pm on Saturday and Sunday + have the PERFECT NIGHT CAP Sunday thru Thursday 9pm to 2am for Double Points on all alcoholic beverages.  I know where I be “wining and dining on my nights off.

Ask your favorite bartender or server to sign up on your next visit!

Much Love and Thanks for the loyalty!

XOXO Cocktails with Katie