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What’s a Mixologist?

I was once asked after sometime in my career, what was the difference between being a bartender and a mixologist. A bartender is focused on creating the standard classic drinks, entraining guests and most importantly, giving a hospitable experience to all those who belly up to the bar. Those same principles apply to being a mixologist but it just goes a wee bit deeper. After taking a moment to figure of the best way to explain the mixology side behind the stick, I realized how much my time in professional kitchens coincided with my experience behind craft cocktail bars. Being a Mixologist is the equivalent of being a Liquid Chef. Quality tools, knowledge of technique, understanding of ingredients, presentation, prep time/ cooktime are all in a Culinary Chef’s mind when creating a dish. A mixologist puts the same line of thought into creating a Craft Cocktail. Mixologists use their Chef influenced minds by creating an experience in the glass. Both a true chef and mixologist operate with the same purpose in mind, to create an elevated level flavor showcasing ingredients while being aromatically and visually enticing for the guest served. There is art in both crafts where creations can connect with people on multiple levels. Ever had Bounty Bar’s smoked maple old fashioned or watched it being made? There is beauty behind all that flavor you love to savor.

My home away from home, Bounty Bar, would be best described as a liquid kitchen; filled with fine spirits, fresh fruit, housemade liquor meringue, a large collection of bitters with housemade tinctures and an array of hand-crafted treats/concoctions that would make your eyes roll back into your head with delight. We operate the bar by the use of mise en place, a french culinary term in regard to everything being in it’s place. Chef’s follow mise en place to make sure the kitchen operates like a well oiled organized machine. The Bounty crew and I could bartend blindfolded knowing where pick up a slice fresh jalapeƱo or a pinch of sage leaf thanks to this culinary inspired way of thinking.

Get to Bounty Bar for to watch myself and the crew in action in our liquid kitchen and get yourself a custom libation made specifically for your palate. We have a New Cocktail Menu out that will put a smile on your lips for sure. Get ready for the next blog post this week featuring one of our favorite new libations our own: Landlocked Lavender Drop